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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

An incomplete* list of individuals who define(d) the game

We admire many of the people presented below, but listing does not imply endorsement by ICWV.

*  This list is a work in progress.

   Your suggestions for new additions are welcome @

Western (current and former) politicians

critical of sharia and/or fierce supporters of Israel

Bachmann, Michele (former member of the United States House of Representatives, USA) [Wiki]

Baudet, Thierry [his own site (Dutch)] [Wiki (Dutch)]

Boomsma, Diederik (The Netherlands) [profile @ Municipality of Amsterdam (Dutch)]

Bosma, Martin (The Netherlands) [Wiki] [profile @ Dutch Parliament (Dutch)]

Bouchibti, Samira (The Netherlands) [Uitgeverij Van Praag (Dutch)]

Dewinter, Filip (Belgium) [his own site (Dutch)]

Eerdmans, Joost (The Netherlands) [Wiki]

Fortuyn, Pim (1948-2002) (The Netherlands) [Wiki

Gohmert, Louie (USA | R-TX) [Wiki]

Haider, Jörg (1950-2008) (Austria) [Wiki]

Herben, Mat (former Member of Parliament, The Netherlands) [Wiki]

Hirsi Ali, Ayaan (USA) [her own site] [profile @]

Jansen, Hans (1942-2015) [his own site]

King, Peter (USA | R-NY) [his own site]

Le Pen, Jean-Marie (France) [Wiki]

Le Pen, Marine (France) [Wiki]

McCaul, Mike (USA | R-TX) [Wiki]

Pastors, Marco (The Netherlands) [Wiki]

Sarrazin, Thilo (Germany) [Wiki]

Stadtkewitz, René (Germany) [Wiki]

Franks, Trent (USA) [Wiki]

Van Klaveren, Joram (former Member of Parliament, The Netherlands) [Wiki

Walsh, Joe (USA) [Wiki]

West, Allen (USA) [Wiki]

Wilders, Geert (The Netherlands) [his own site]

Winter, Susanne (Austria) [Wiki]

Journalists, bloggers, activists, scholars, and authors

critical of sharia and/or fierce supporters of Israel

Abu Toameh, Khaled [Wiki]

Al-Tamimi, Aymenn Jawad [his own site]

Alrabaa, Sami [profile @ Amazon]

AlSaied, Najat Fawzy [profile @ Gatestone]

Bannen, Steven [Wiki]

Bat Ye'or [her latest book @ Amazon]

Beliën, Paul [profile @ The Brussels Journal]

Belman, Ted [Israpundit]

Blum, Ruthie [RVP Press] [her book @ Amazon]

Bostom, Andrew [his own site]

Bolton, John R. [profile @]

Breitbart, Andrew [Breitbart]

Brendel, Carel [his own site (Dutch)]

Broder, Henryk [Wiki]

Carmon, Yigal [Wiki[MEMRI]

Cliteur, Paul [Wiki]

Cook, David [profile @ Rice University]

Coulter, Ann [her own site]

Darwish, Nonie [Wiki]

De Winter, Leon [Wiki] [texts by DW @ Die Zeit (German)]

Dershowitz, Alan [Wiki] [his Twitter account]

Ellian, Afshin [Wiki]

Fjordman [Wiki] [texts by Fjordman on Gates of Vienna]

Gaffney, Frank [Wiki]

Geller, Pamela [Atlas Shrugs]

Gerstenfeld, Manfred [Wiki] [his Facebook page][profile @ JCPA]

Gingrich, Newt [Wiki]

Glick, Caroline [her own site]

Goldman, David [his Spengler column]

Gutfeld, Greg [his own site]

Hannity, Sean [his own site]

Hedegaard, Lars [Wiki]

Horowitz, David [frontpagemag]

Kedar, Mordechai [Wiki] [his own site]

Kern, Soeren [his own site]

Ibn Warraq [Wiki]

Ingraham, Laura [her own site]

Jansen, Hans (1942-2015) [his own site]

Jasser, Zuhdi [Wiki]

Jones, Alex [Infowars]

Krauthammer, Charles [Wiki]

Leibler, Isi [Candidly Speaking from Jerusalem]

Lewis, Bernard [Wiki]

Limbaugh, Rush [Wiki]

Littman, David (1933-2015) [Wiki]

Marcouch, Ahmed [his own site (Dutch)]

Marcus, Itamar [Palestinian Media Watch]

Millière, Guy [profile @ Gatestone]

Murray, Douglas [Wiki]

Nanninga, Annabel [Wiki (Dutch)]

Nekschot, Gregorius [Wiki]

Niemöller, Joost  [UVP (Dutch)] [Wiki (Dutch)] [his own site (Dutch)]

O'Reilly, Bill [his own site]

Phillips, Melanie [her own site]

Pipes, Daniel [his own site] [Wiki]

Scheffer, Paul [profile @ Tilburg University]

Scruton, Roger [his own website]

Selim, Nahed [Wiki (Dutch)]

Shapiro, Ben [Wiki]

Spencer, Robert [Jihad Watch]

Stern, Howard [his own site]

Steyn, Mark [SteynOnline]

Stone, Roger [The Stone Zone]

Sultan, Wafa [texts by WS @ Gatestone]

Tenenbom, Tuvia [Wiki]

Umar, Ebru [Wiki (Dutch)]

Van Gogh, Theo (1957-2004) [Wiki][archive of his columns]

Van Rooy, Sam [profile @ TPO (Dutch)]

Van Rooy, Wim [Wiki (Dutch)]

Watters, Jesse [Wiki]

Zahran, Mudar [Wiki]

Arab/Palestinian politicians, activists, religious leaders, and the like

al-Banna, Hassan [Wiki]

Abbas, Mahmoud [profile @ PMW]

Abedin, Huma [profile @]

Agbaria, Afou [info @] [Wiki]

Arafat, Yasser (deceased) [info @ BBC] [profile @ PMW]

Dabbah, Ahmed [info @] [Wiki]

el-Husseini, Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin (deceased) [Wiki]

Fayyad, Salam [profile@ PMW]

Hussein, Mufti Muhammad [profile @ PMW]

Karake, Issa [profile @ PMW]

Majadele, Raleb [info @] [Wiki]

Morsi, Mohammed [Wiki]

Mubarak, Honsi [Wiki]

Mudayris, Ibrahim [profile @ PMW]

Nasser, Gamal Abdel (deceased) [Wiki]

Qurei, Ahmed [profile @ PMW]

Rajoub, Jibril [profile @ PMW]

Sadat, Anwar (1918-1981) [Wiki]

Swaid, Hanna [info @] [Wiki]

Tibi, Ahmed [info @ PMW] [info @] [Wiki]

Zahalka, Jamal [info @] [Wiki]

Zaki, Abbas [profile @ PMW]

Zoabi, Haneen [info @] [Wiki]

Other journalists, bloggers, scholars, and authors

Armstrong, Karen [Wiki]

Ben-Ami, Jeremy [profile @ J Street]

Chomsky, Noam [his own site]

De Winter, Harry [Een Ander Joods Geluid (Dutch)]

Duisenberg, Gretta [Wiki]

Finkelstein, Norman [his own site]

Moore, Michael [his own site]

Ramadan, Tariq [his own site]

Said, Edward [Wiki]

Van Agt, Dries [interview with DVA in Haaretz]


Atta, Mohamed (deceased) [Wiki]

bin Laden, Osama (deceased) [Wiki]

Bouyeri, Mohammed [Wiki]

Last but not least

Dagan, Meir [Wiki]

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